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Hey Guys! Today I am here with VERY exciting news! It is the shortlist of the Book Blogger UKYA Awards! This is the time for YOU to vote for your favourite from the list! Voting is open until 21st September. Make sure you don’t miss out! Voting will also be happening a little differently than the nominations. On this blog you will be voting for: Best Self-Published, Most Social Author (Online), Most Social Author (Offline), Author Whose Mind You Wish Was Yours And then you will hop along to the next blog to vote for more awards! There are five different awards to jump to (and five/six bloggers hosting each group, but you only need to visit five blogs!). This doesn’t have to happen all at once, it gives you the chance to vote in your leisure – but make sure you do so before 21st September.

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Book Spotlight and Giveaway

It's no secret, that I love Kristen Callihan. Her Darkest London Series is riveting and addictive. Its a perfect blend of historical and paranormal. It's a must read. So when she is writing a New Adult, how is a girl meant to resist.

Title: The Hook Up
Author: Kristen Callihan
Release Date: September 8, 2014
Genre: New Adult

The rules: no kissing on the mouth, no staying the night, no telling anyone, and above all… No falling in love

Anna Jones just wants to finish college and figure out her life. Falling for star quarterback Drew Baylor is certainly not on her to do list. Confident and charming, he lives in the limelight and is way too gorgeous for his own good. If only she could ignore his heated stares and stop thinking about doing hot and dirty things with him. Easy right?

Too bad he’s committed to making her break every rule…

Football has been good to Drew. It’s given him recognition, two National Championships, and the Heisman. But what he really craves is sexy yet prickly Anna Jones. Her cutting humor and blatant disregard for his fame turns him on like nothing else. But there’s one problem: she's shut him down. Completely.

That is until a chance encounter leads to the hottest sex of their lives, along with the possibility of something great. Unfortunately, Anna wants it to remain a hook up. Now it’s up to Drew to tempt her with more: more sex, more satisfaction, more time with him. Until she’s truly hooked. It's a good thing Drew knows all about winning.

All’s fair in love and football…Game on


My mother once told me that the most important moment in my life wouldn’t be when I won the National Championship or even the Super Bowl. It would be when I fell in love.

Life, she insisted, is how you live it and who you live it with, not what you do to make a living. Given that she told me this when I was sixteen, I basically rolled my eyes and worked on practicing my pass fakes.

But my mother was insistent.

“You’ll see, Drew. One day, love will creep up and smack you upside the head. Then you’ll understand.”

My mom, it turns out, was wrong in one regard. Love, when it came for me, did not creep. No, it walked up to me, bold as you please, you know, just in case I wasn’t paying attention. It did, however, slap me upside my head.

And while I’d be happy to tell my mom that she was right about that, she’s dead. A fact that hurts even more now that I’ve been struck down. More like shot down. Cut off at the knees. Totally fucked. Whatever you want to call this disaster. Because the object of my affection hates me.

I am man enough to acknowledge that the cluster fuck that is my current love life is entirely my fault. I wasn’t prepared for Anna Jones.

I still cringe at the memory of when I first laid eyes on her at the beginning of the semester. Being late for class, I’d rushed to a seat in the back row, and was trying to remain unnoticed. I can’t go anywhere on campus without getting attention. And though it sounds like an awesome thing, it gets tiring.

When the roll call reached the back row, a soft voice, rich and thick as maple syrup, slid over me.

“Anna Jones.”

Just her name. That was all she’d said. It was like a hot finger stroking down my spine. My head snapped up. And there she was, so fucking pretty that I couldn’t think straight. I might as well have been sacked.

Breathless, my head ringing, I could only gape. I’m not going to say it was love at first sight. No, it was more like oh, hell-yes-please, I’ll have that. With a helping of right-the-fuck-now on the side.

Thinking maybe I was overtired and simply overreacting to something that wasn’t really there, I stared at Anna Jones and tried to make sense of my extreme reaction.

As if feeling my gaze, she’d turned, and fucking hell… Her eyes were wide, almost cat-like, with the corners tilting up just a bit. At first, those eyes appeared brown, but they were really bottle green. And so clear. And annoyed. She glared at me. I didn’t care. One word was playing a loop in my head: mine.

I don’t remember the rest of the class. I watched Anna Jones like a condemned man getting his last view of the setting sun. While she tried to ignore me. Admirably.

The second class ended I shot up, and so did she. We nearly collided in the middle of the aisle. And then it all fell to shit.

The excerpt alone is making me swoon for Drew. Knowing Kristen, Drew is going straight into my book boyfriend list.

To celebrate the release of The Hook Up, enter a giveaway below, to win a $50 Amazon voucher and a chance to win a ecopy of The Hook Up.

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Cover Reveal


Title: The Deal(#1)
Author: Z. Elizabeth
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: December 1, 2014

One feud. Two families. One secret. What happens when you fall for the enemy?

Thanks to their fathers' feud, Nicole and Craig have been enemies since the moment they were born. But six years ago they fell in love... They just never told each other.


Motivated by their grandparents' money, they agree to a simple deal: Stay married for a year and unravel the secrets and lies surrounding their fathers. Bound together, they must figure out why the two former best friends have spent the last thirty years ignoring one another and prohibited any contact between Nicole and Craig.


Craig is more than happy to uncover their fathers' past if it means he gets Nicole for real.
Nicole wants to keep the past exactly where it is and she will fight Craig every step of the way.
With only limited time together, delving into their family history could be the mistake that will break both their hearts.

What happens when secrets and lies are revealed? Can Nicole and Craig live their Happily Ever After after waiting six long years to be together? Or will one secret be enough to break them apart, just like their fathers? 

“I'm doing this for us, Nic.”

*THE DEAL is suitable for 17+ due to graphic sex scenes and language*
This is a STANDALONE novel. Book two is a companion novel.


Craig has me backed against the wall, his hands either side of my head and his face is within inches of mine. I can feel his hot breath spurt on my face and his eyes are burning with anger. He look like he wants to punch everything in sight. Okay, so maybe I went a bit too far, but fuck him. I wanted a reaction from him and I sure as hell got one.

I plaster myself to the wall. I know he would never touch me in a million years, but something primal is in front of me and between being scared of Craig, I am getting turned on by this too. We have yet to have angry make-up sex and right now, as much as I want my bath, sex would not go amiss.

 “Are you trying to fuck me up, Nic? Trying to turn me into a jealous fucker because I damn well am right now.” He spits out. His eyes are all over my face, from my lips to my eyes to my lips again. “I nearly punched the shit out of your little work buddy earlier. You fucking LEFT ME in bed this morning after our fight last night and then I see you all fucking happy as Larry with dickwad. Do you know how that made me feel?

  I shake my head and go to push him off me, but that only spurs him on and his body becomes flush with mine. I have to bite back a groan at the contact. He wraps his hands in my hair and brings my face even closer to his. I can literally taste the beer on his lips and all I want to do is taste it on his tongue. But I need to stand my ground and not let him get one over on me.

  “Well maybe you should stop trying to dig into the past, Craig, leave it the fuck alone. I've already told you I feel fucking bad for this morning but you're a big boy, you should have learned how to set an alarm by now.” I bite back, “And I didn't bring Jamie along to make you jealous, you wanker, I brought him along to meet you all. But no, you turned it into a pissing contest. I am no ones okay? I am not yours so calm your fucking jealousy.”

 He takes a deep breath and closes his eyes. He unravels one hand from my hair and punches the wall next to me. I jump at the thud his fist makes and he falls forward, his face resting on my shoulder. I stand still, wondering what he is doing and I feel him wrap both hands around my waist. My hands are still idle at my waist, not wanting to touch him.

  “Nic, you are mine. No matter what the hell happens. You. Are. Mine.” He murmurs into my ear and plants a kiss on my neck.

  “Yeah, yours for 8ish more months.” I say and feel him shake his head and tighten his grip on me. “No.” is all I hear from him. His words are confusing me and unless he cannot count how long we have left, he's going insane.


  “No.” and with that he lifts himself back up and slams his lips onto mine. I falter back into the wall and Craig moves with me. His lips are hard and rough against my own and I try to keep up his pace. I wrap my arms around his neck, wanting to be closer to him, needing him closer. Our tongues are battling against each other, I can taste the beer and a moan escapes from the back of my throat. I feel Craig's hands move down towards my arse and one hand grabs a cheek while the other grips my thigh and he hoists me up so my legs are wrapped around his waist. He pushes up further into the wall, so he can hold me in place and I can mould myself to his body; all the while our lips never parting. His kisses are like my next breath. I crave them all day and when I do get them upon mine, its like everything is put into place, I can breathe and let out everything I have been holding in all day.

  Craig moans into my mouth when I take over dominance and bite his lip, sucking it between my teeth before running my tongue to sooth it. My hands pull at his hair, his hands are gripping my arse and I am writhing against him. I can feel him pulsating through his jeans and I can feel the hardness of his dick pushing into my own jeans and each time I move it causes friction for both of us and guttural groans escape us both.

  Craig rips his mouth from mine and begins to attack my neck. He bites, sucks, licks and all I can do is roll my head to the side to grant him more access while I purr with need and want for this man in front of me.

  “Craig, I need you to fuck me.” I whisper while he's biting my pressure point. I swallow hard and suddenly we are on the move towards the bedroom. His lips don't leave my neck until he throws me down on the bed and right there, that very second I can see just how jealous and angry and pissed off my husband is, but I can also see the passion and the need and want for me, and fucking too right, I am going to be another statistic to prove just how fucking awesome angry make-up sex is.

About The Author
Z. Elizabeth is a debut author who grew up in Wales, UK and wishes she knew how to speak fluent Welsh. Bore da (Good morning), Wedi Bleno (tired) and Ydw (yes) just don't cut it.

Reading has always been a part of her life since she was a young kid and writing came quickly after she discovered her love for studying English Language and writing fiction. Since graduating with a degree in BA Journalism, writing is embedded into her everyday working and personal life. At 15, she finished a full length novel and thought nothing of it until now. The Deal is loosely based upon that story and it's one that she is hugely proud of writing and re-writing and re-writing...

When she isn't slaving away at her day job, you can find her daydreaming about her book boyfriends, reading the next hot book out or binge eating with her friends, continually shocking them with the filth that flies out of her mouth.

Z. Elizabeth hopes that her characters end up on your book boyfriend/girlfriend lists and her book ends up on your favourite list, maybe even your bookshelf.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

ARC Review: Rival (Fall Away #2) by Penelope Douglas


Hatred, rivalry or love?
Title: Rival
Author: Penelope Douglas
Series: Fall Away
Publisher: Little Brown Books, UK  
My ratings: 4.5 out of 5 stars 
Released: 27th August, 2014

hen I got a chance to read a new tittle by an unknown author it is a gamble which paid off . Rival sucked me right in from the first chapter and did not let me go. I read this within a day.

 So, the premise goes like this, Fallon and Madoc are step brother and sister. Their parents neglect them and they hate each other. They live in the same house, always throwing verbal barbs at each other and they cannot be more different. Fallon is the punk, rock chick with tattoos and piercings and skate boards while Madoc is a jock, rich and entitled. On the surface they seem to hate each but inside them may have been a little in love with each other and somehow start sleeping together. But one day Fallon disappears which Madoc takes as a betrayal. Now 2 years later, Fallon is back but she has her own agenda.

I loved the set up so so much. How two kids learnt to deal with their issues, slowly grew up together, during the day they hated each other but at night, that was a different story. Everyone thought it was sibling rivalry but in fact it was the attraction they were trying to fight. They were young, stupid but in love, even if they didn’t know it. When Fallon comes back, Madoc is such a jerk towards her but slowly as the story moves forwards, the dual perspective reveals more into how they become each other’s poison.

They had this electrical attraction for the other they could not deny and no matter how poisonous their relationship was, they still wanted each other. The angst was turn up to the maximum and I loved the thrill of the rollercoaster ride Penelope Douglas took me on.

It is true that lately I have become a little jaded with New Adult books and they have all started merge together in my mind but I can assure you Rival is nothing like them. There is sexual tension, hatred, bad parents, love, friendship, sexy times and of course all consuming passion.

 I am glad I read Rival before, Bully as I have noticed with serial romance novels, when side characters get their own books, they lose the essential bit of uniqueness that makes you like them in the first place. Yes, Take Me On, I am taking about you. However, I feel that Rival retains the quirky, cockiness Madoc exuberates. In fact he shines with it and so does Fallon with her own sense of the world.

If I am honest I will say that Rival gave me the rush Beautiful Disaster gave me the first time I read it. I couldn’t take my eyes off it as I wanted more and more and was getting drunk in the madness of this venomous love hate relationship. But in the end something beautiful blooms out of this mess.

 My favourite line has to be

  “I don’t try to kill your demons. I run with them.”  

This encompasses so much between these two people. The hurt, love, hatred, everything seeping out the cracks. Ok, Now I have started to fan girl a little but I suppose it understandable. If I have to pick apart the story then I would say that the story lost a little momentum towards the end.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book which was highly entertaining and managed to put hooks on me and made me lose my mind that I had to write my thoughts down, immediately and thanking the publisher for sending me this book.

Recommended from all fans of Beautiful Disaster and New Adult genre.

  Releases on the 27th of August, 2014 and is available ( via Paitkus) as an ebook now

  ARC received via Little Brown books, UK

Sunday, August 24, 2014

ARC Review:Firelight (Darkest London #1) by Kristen Callihan


Historical fantasy romance has never been this fun before
Title: Cursed
Series: Darkest London
Author: Kirsten Callihan
Publisher: Piatkus
My ratings: 5 out of 5 stars

Wow! What an experience I have had. Kristen Callihan has built a brand new world which is both exciting and wonderful. When I requested it on Netgalley I had no idea I would have found such a gem.

All my friends know about my love for UF and Historical romances. This book had encompassed both my love for these two great genres. At the beginning I wasn't so sure how this would turn-out to be. It could have gone either way .So I started it with low expectations and I am so glad that I was wrong.

Miranda is a beautiful red-head who can produce fire spontaneously. She is struggling to make ends meet living with her father. In comes this enigmatic Lord who offers to pay all her debts if she marries him. Without any choice, she agrees to the union. How bad can it really be married to a man she did not love. Here is what the catch is. Lord Archer has a secret. He hides his face in a mask. He is this mysterious, enigma hiding his face in a mask and no one knows what he is up to or he thinks. She doesn't know what’s going on in his head. She is married to this person who talks to her, stimulates her mind. Whom she even calls her friend but she hasn't even seen his face. The sexual tension was staggering. What was Archer hiding? What did he look like? Why did he hide his face? These questions were not only driving Miranda mad, but were also making me crazy. I stayed up to the wee hours of the night trying to figure out the mystery.

The prologue was very nicely done. It piqued my interest in the book. The writing was fantastic. I was blown away by the complexity and the descriptive nature of the writing. It described London in the olden days perfectly .It felt like I was present there, walking on the cobbled stones and smelling the different smells wafting from the street. I loved Miranda. She was fiery, quite literally, and sane. Stupid heroines in romances are so common that I want to shoot them one by one but here Miranda was just right. She would give any Urban Fantasy heroine run for her money in the kick-ass department.

Archer, oh my! He is a perfect tortured hero. I was in love with him just half way through the prologue. The curse that torments him makes him believe he is not worth Miranda. Even though we don’t see his face in most of the book we all know he is all hotness and desire packing some serious romantic hero.

I can go on and on but how much I liked this book but that would take me all night. If you a UF fans and like Paranormal Romance or Historical this book is just right for you. Even if you are not,….read it anyway as I am sure you will not be disappointed cannot wait for the second book Moonlight.

ARC provided by Piatkus via  NetGalley.

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ARC Review: The Beautiful Ashes (Broken Destiny #1) by Jeaniene Frost


Dark, grim, edgy with a smudge of humour
Title: The Beautiful Ashes
Author: Jeaniene Frost
Series: Broken Destiny
Publisher: Harlequin Books, US
My ratings: 4 out of 5 stars
Releases: 26th August, 2014
When I saw that the latest Jeaniene Frost book was available for request, my fingers couldn’t move quickly enough to request it. She has been one of my favourite Urban Fantasy authors and her Night Huntress Series made me a hard core fan. The icing on the cake was that The Beautiful Ashes was a New Adult fantasy, which I have screaming for months to be an area of potential. So as soon as my dirty fingers, got hold of this I started reading this bad boy.

The premise goes that Ivy is looking for her younger sister, Jasmine who has been kidnapped. Her parents were killed in a car accident day later. Ivy knows something is worng with her as she keeps seeing visions all her life where reality would lose it’s shroud and an darker, grimmer alternative world of the reality would be standing in front of her. She meets Adrian, a mysterious guy who, on their first meeting, kidnaps her, and very well may be the last hope of finding Jasmine. But Adrian himself is plagued by him own demons, and may even have an agenda of his own.

It would be impossible to write this review without comparing Jeaniene’s previous fantasy work and how well written it was. The main character Ivy was kick ass, not the same way as Cat was but understandably less edgy and soft due to a normal upbringing and her young age. However slowly, as the story progresses we get to see her grow and really bloom into a woman who can really hold her own.

The humour was spread out through the story. I would admit I enjoyed Cat’s and Bones’ dry humour more but Ivy had her own brand of humour when she finds herself in ridiculous circumstances. At one point I was laughing out loud to the dismay of my fellow commuters.

And now for what you all Jeaniene Frost fans have been waiting for. To know more about the Man meat. I mean the main male character. To be honest I am a little conflicted by it. He is by no means Bones, with her cheeky humour and bad ass attitude or his tendencies of wholly taking over a scene by his mere presence. Ahem, it’s not fair to compare both of them here but I simply didn’t quite feel any spark about him. He was angry, frustrated, trying to fight his attraction towards Ivy but he felt flat to me. Even the relationship between Ivy and Adrian seemed half baked. I still don’t see how they ‘fell’ for each other as so far they were only attracted physically but I still cannot see an emotional connection between them. Plus, his secret keeping habit really grated on my nerves.

The plot was good with a world building which was dark, dangerous and full of the strange and wonderfully grim creatures which makes my days when I read fantasy. The background with David, Goliath and the demons was innovative and I am sure with a few more books, Frost will be able to etch out a complex world.

Overall, The Beautiful Ashes is a good attempt at writing a decent Urban Fantasy book. It may not be outstanding or remarkable but it was just right at the exact correct places. It may not have hit the spot but it gave a good few hours.

Releases on the 26th of August, 2014  

ARC received by Harlequin Books, US, via NetGalley

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Review: Take Me On (Pushing The Limits #4) by Katie McGarry


Another angst filled NA. Puh –leeze.
Title: Take Me On
Series: Pushing The Limits
Author: Katie McGarry
Publisher: Mira INK, UK
My ratings: 2 out of 5 stars
Released: 6th June, 2014
While I do enjoy a spot of Katie McGarry’s stories lately I have been feeling out of sorts. 
Haley’s family is in a bad situation, with her father being made redundant and their house has been repossessed, she and family are living with her Uncle, who is a chauvinistic arsehole to boot. Haley, due to the bad choices she made in the past, has given up her passion which is kick boxing. West on the other hand is a rich brat, who has decided that he has had enough and decides to leave his home in a bid to prove his worth. On the streets with no money or house and struggling to get by, he meets Haley and somehow in the midst of warring fighting clubs, over bearing family problems and making ends meet, Haley and West fall in love. .

I feel bad for writing this review but this ought to be done. I have enjoyed Katie’s work before. I truly have but this time it just didn’t work for me. It felt like it was the same tried and tested formula which was being regurgitated and fed back to me. Troubled teenagers, with family issues and a big obstacle they have to overcome. The threat of social services looming on them and the pressure to make something better of themselves and many more are such real issues faced by teenagers in today’s world. I think it is wonderful that Katie writes about these problems with such seriousness and addresses a problem which needs attention but somehow I don’t feel entertained by it. .

After reading three of her previous books and thoroughly enjoying them, I feel I can discern a pattern to her plotting and now it just feels repetitive. The characters now all blend together and each story is set around a new fad like car-racing, sport or kick boxing in this case. .

The amount of angst played into the story got too much for me this time. I just could not take the same type of angst and trouble over and over again. Plus this book was over 500 pages. I don’t even read Fantasy books that long which require extensive world building, let alone a New Adult book filled with angst and stupid parents makes idiotic choices for their kids. .

I really liked West in Crash Into You, as the flirty, handsome devil may care good guy but just like it has happened before when a side character gets his own book, all the factors that I loved about West were toned down and what was left was a husk of the real person which once may have had made for captivating reading. I know you’ll try to feed me the drivel about character growth but I realise I don’t care about ‘character growth’ if you mould and twist it into something that should conform every body’s choice for a good person. .

Enough of my ranting and more discussing the actual story and characters. While West and Haley were serviceable there was nothing remarkable or memorable about them. I character that I did I enjoyed reading about most was the crazy, over the top, drug dealing Abby. I hope when she gets her own book, she doesn’t get turned into another angst filled cookie cutter character with more family problems and poverty. Please keep some of the snark to save the book for me. .

My sole purpose in reading is to escape reality and experience something wonderful which I can’t in the real world. Take Me On failed to do that. I guess some readers enjoy a dose of real life in their books but 500 pages filled with angst and emotions, is too much for me. .

While Take Me On deals with a variety of serious issues like poverty, gang fighting, coming-of-age, proving your worth to your family and show how some something wonderful like love can bloom out in this filth and how it changes change you forever, this book did not take my fancy. I may or may not pick the next book, which only time will tell. Recommended to all Katie McGarry fans, New Adult fans and reader who like a bout of reality and real life to their reading. .

ARC received from Mira INK, UK


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